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"Oh for cryiní out loud, Jacob, you told a teenager?!" Dumbfounded, Jack OíNeill gaped at the Tokíra standing in the briefing room. "A *teenager*. There is a teenager running around Kansas with full knowledge of the Gate and the Tokíra?!"

"Donít forget Selmak." Jacob Carter responded with a grin, entirely unruffled by the other manís reaction. "Relax, Jack. Chloeís not just any teenager. Trust me, she can handle this. She figured a good chunk of it out on her own anyway and then kept after me until we told her. Selmak and I agreed on it, Jack. She can handle the knowledge. Knows better than to tell anybody."

From her position at her fatherís side, Sam nodded. "Dadís right, Colonel. Chloe would never go or say anything that would endanger Dad."

"Not a chance. Kidís too smart for that. Sheís my baby sisterís kid, Jack...sheís trustworthy. Hell," Jacob grinned, "Selmakís trying to convince me to let her recruit Chloe. We turn her loose on the Goaíuld, theyíll be begging for mercy inside of ten minutes."

His reaction settling, Jack grimaced, still quite unhappy with the idea. "You shouldíve warned us first, Jacob. Given us time to figure something out. Hammondís gonna have kittens over this."

"Nah, Iíll handle George." The former General reassured. "Heís met Chloe a few times, knows the type of kid she is. Relax, Jack, Iíve got it covered."

Jack gave him a look. "Oh yeah, reassured now after hearing that which is known as the universal telltale precursor to huge disasters. Just remember, when the worldís ending, I warned you it was a bad idea."

"So, did your friend completely lose it when you told him?" Opening her laptop, Chloe sat down on her cousinís couch and put her feet up on the coffee table.

"A little." Jacob grinned, sitting down in one of the arm chairs. "He settled down pretty quick though and when George backed me up, he was fine. Well...still a little grouchy about it. Jack hates surprises."

"But I can cancel the witness relocation right?" His niece joked, opening a file on her computer.

"Yeah, sure. Save it for when you decide to take on some dirty politician."

"Got any in mind?" She asked, looking over with a grin.

"No, Ďfraid not. Well...Not any youíd find on earth anyway. Ask Sam when she gets back from the Mountain. Iíd say sheís got a list a mile long." Getting up, Jacob moved to the couch, leaning over to see the computer screen. "Whatcha workiní on? New story for the paper?"

"Not exactly." She hedged, apprehensive. "Actually, Uncle Jacob, I brought something and I was hoping Selmak take a look at it for me."

"Oh yeah?" Surprised, he looked closer. "Whatíve you got?"

Sucking in a quick breath, Chloe pulled up the picture sheíd taken of the strange symbol which had appeared on the Kentsí barn. "This. Does this look familiar?"

Beside her, Jacobís head dipped as seceded control of his body to his symbiote. Selmak took a moment to examine the photograph before nodding. "It does. It is Kryptonian." The Tokíra sounded surprised, taking the laptop from the young woman and surveying the picture. "How did this symbol come to your attention?"

"The owners of the barn said there was some kind of fire and when they put it out, thatís the shape the burn pattern formed. They didnít know much more than that. They never saw how the fire started apparently....Selmak, whatís Kryptonian?" Chloe watched as the Tokíra in her uncleís body began to use the computer, clicking through the rest of the images in the file.

"They were a very advanced race...their planet was destroyed several decades ago, we had thought them all lost. However, the appearance of this symbol would seem to dispute that belief." Jacob emerged, turning his head to regard his niece with some suspicion. "Thereís more to this, isnít there Chloe? What arenít you telling us?"

She hesitated, pulling back a little. "Thereís nothing else, Uncle Jacob, I promise...."

He frowned. "Youíre holding something back, Chloí... I can tell. Care to share what it is?"

Chloe looked torn, she clearly wanted to tell him but she reluctantly shook her head "Iím sorry, Uncle Jacob, I canít do that." She shrugged a little. "I want to, believe me, I do...but...I only have suspicions and half-formed theories. I canít betray a confidence based on that." With a wry smile, she couldnít resist adding, "Even if itís a confidence I havenít officially been let in on yet."

"Chloe, if youíre protecting someone, you have to understand. If theyíre Kryptonian, then they may very well be the last survivor of their race...the only one who can possibly tell us what happened...The Kryptonians were strong allies of the Tokíra. It was a great loss to us when the planet was destroyed." He leaned forward, meeting her apprehensive gaze. "Chloe, if there is a Kryptonian on this planet, he or she is unprotected. No one knows for sure what happened to Krypton but we do know it must have happened very quickly if they didnít have time to respond. They didnít even try to use the Stargate to escape. Thereís always a chance that whatever happened was not natural. The System Lords were pretty mad that the Kryptonians were helping us, sometimes even sheltering us. If they were behind the destruction of the planet and they find out thereís a survivor...your friend could be in danger. Even here."

Chloe dropped her gaze, shaking her head again. "Iím sorry...I canít." She pulled her legs up, hugging her knees to her chest, resting her chin on one. "Uncle you think Sam and your friends in Cheyenne Mountain can get us access to a historical site in Smallville? There are some caves...Itís tribal land and itís currently under the supervision of LuthorCorp. But there are symbols in that cave that look like the one that appeared on the Kentsí barn. If we could get in there and you could take a look at them..."

Nodding, Jacob looked back to the computer. "I think we could definitely swing that. Shouldnít be that hard."

His niece frowned a little. "It might not be as easy as you think, Uncle Jacob...Lionel Luthorís a very dangerous man and seriously lacking in a conscience. If he doesnít want to give up those caves...heís not going to without a very messy fight."

"Oh, donít you worry about that, Iíve handled worse." Jacob frowned, watching Chloe carefully. "Is he who youíre protecting our apparent Kryptonian refugee from?" The guilty expression on her face answered that question with crystal clarity. "I see."

"All Iím saying careful." She insisted, avoiding the issue. "I like Selmak...the idea of him ending up his next lab experiment makes me sick." She hugged her knees tighter, smiling faintly. "If your friend could do something about him too....thatíd be great."

Jacob leaned over, pulling his niece into a hug. "Donít you worry about him, Pumpkin....Iíll see to it Mr. Luthorís taken care of. Iíll see to it everything is."

With her head resting against her uncleís shoulder, Chloe didnít see the telltale movement that signaled Selmakís emergence but she wasnít surprised by the Tokíraís voice as he agreed, "Have no fear, Chloe. I can assure you that Lionel Luthor has never before dealt with anything like us."

The teenager couldnít help the wicked little grin on her face as she nodded. "Now that I believe."

"You ready for this?" Sam looked down at her cousin as they emerged from the elevator onto Level 28.

"In theory...No." Chloe responded with a shaky smile. "But, itís not what you think. I mean, the whole Stargate thing? Hello, Sam, remind me to show you the Wall of Weird sometime. Itís just..." She looked around. "This is...Does George...I mean, General Hammond, really have a direct line to the President?"

"Bah, the Generalís not so bad when you get to know him."

The two blondes turned to find Jack OíNeill walking down the corridor toward them.

"Sir." Sam greeted with a nod, not missing Chloeís nervous look.

"Carter." The Colonel inclined his head in the apprehensive teenagerís direction. "This the cause for all the fuss?"

"So I hear." Chloe forced herself to say brightly, holding out a hand. "Chloe Sullivan, Instigator Extraordinaire."

"Jack OíNeill." He responded, shaking the offered hand firmly. "Instigator huh?"

"Oh yeah," Sam nodded. "Chloeís caused more than a few fusses in her day. Frankly, Sir, Iím not sure itís a good idea to let you two come within a hundred miles of each other. Who knows what might happen."

"Nothing good Iím sure." Daniel Jackson observed, emerging from a room behind them. "Jack causes enough trouble on his own."

"Chloe, this is Daniel and thatís Tealíc. Guys, this is my cousin, Chloe Sullivan."

Both men smiled, at least thatís what Chloe thought the big guy was trying to do, as Sam said their names. Daniel, who was as cute as Sam had told her, reached out to shake her hand while Tealíc inclined his head in greeting.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, ChloeSullivan." Tealíc spoke, his deep voice surprisingly welcoming.

"Oh yeah, definitely." Daniel agreed, holding up the glossy photographs he held in his hand. "Iíve been looking at the pictures the team sent back from that cave you told us about. Itís were really inside?"

"Uh huh." Chloe blushed a little. "Long enough to pick up...well," She looked over at Sam. "Did Uncle Jacob tell you about that?"

"The whole parasite thing?" The elder woman nodded. "Yeah...Our CMO had a fit about that. In fact, I wouldnít be surprised if Janet wants to take a look at you."

"You were possessed by a being such as the Goaíuld?" Tealíc interjected, a frown on his face.

"Well, I donít think it was sentient or anything." The teenager responded, looking nervous again. "But yeah...A friend...he helped get me to a doctor."

"The same friend whose barn the Kryptonian writing showed up on, if I remember what you were telling me correctly." Sam didnít miss the flash of fear in her cousinís eyes and made a note of it while deciding to back off the subject. "Come on, the briefing roomís in here and I think Danielís itching to hear what else you can tell him about the cave."

"Well, I wasnít going to pry..." The archaeologist said as demurely as possible. "But...I did have a few questions..."

"By a few," Jack interjected with a grin, "he means *a lot*. Prepared for an interrogation thatíd put the Spanish Inquisition to shame?"

"Not really, no." Chloe responded with a nervous laugh.

"Jack..." Daniel rolled his eyes at his friend. "I am not going to grill her."

"Much." The Colonel finished for him with an amused glint in his eye.

In an aside to Sam, Chloe couldnít resist asking, "Are they always like this?"

It was with a massive grin that the taller woman nodded and said, "Oh yeah...usually? Worse. This is them on their best behavior."

The teenager looked up at her cousin and blinked. "And I thought Pete and Clark were bad..."

"Hey, Chloí, howís Colorado?"

Adjusting the phone against her ear, Chloe opened the tab on her coffee and blew on the hot liquid. "Itís great. Iím having a blast. Howís things back on the homestead?"

"Youíre not going to believe this one. Lexís father is having a huge fit." Her friend confided with more than a little glee.

"Dare I ask why?" She queried, trying to keep her tone as neutral as possible. Didnít want Clark catching on that she already knew the answer to the question.

"The caves. He lost the contract. Something to do with accounting irregularities. Heís furious. You should see him. Speaking of...any idea when youíre coming back?"

"Umm...Iím not sure. Uncle Jacobís going to be in town for a little while longer so he, Sam and I might take a trip for a few days. Have one last blast before he leaves, yíknow? Itís been too long since I got to hang out with them and I donít know when weíll get to do it again." Chloe took a careful sip of her coffee before adding. "Iíll probably be back next week could be a couple of weeks. Depends on how things go."

"So, when do you leave for that trip?"

"In a few minutes, actually, Iím waiting them to say itís time to go. Thought Iíd call and see how things were back home before I left." She smiled, hearing the sound of a fridge door opening and bottles rattling as Clark searched for something to drink. "I miss you guys."

"We miss you too." Clark responded belatedly, his voice strangely hesitant.


The sound of Samís voice drew the teen away from her conversation and she turned to look. "Yeah?"

"Weíre ready!"

"Be right there!" Turning back, Chloe brought the phone to hear ear again. "Did you..."

"Youíve got to go?"

"Yeah..." She fell silent for a long moment. Long enough for Clark to wonder.

"Chloe? You okay?"

"Yeah...yeah, Iím fine. I..." She laughed a little. "Like I said...I miss you guys...and home."

"You almost sound like youíre never going to come back." Clark noted with a laugh of his own. "Youíre in Colorado, Chloí, youíre not on another planet."

"It sort of feels like it." Chloe said softly, grabbing her bag. "Like itís going to be a lifetime before I see home again."

"Youíre homesick." He observed unnecessarily.

"Just a little." She admitted. "Listen...Clark, I really have to go but..." She smiled. "Iíll see you later. When I get home. We can go by the caves, see whoís set up shop there this week."

"Sounds like a plan to me." He agreed. "Bye, Chloe..."

"Bye, Clark." Chloe murmured quietly, hanging up the phone. She stared at it for a moment, at the picture of herself, Pete and Clark that decorated one of her folders.


She turned to find Sam standing in the doorway, securing her radio in her uniform. "Are you ready?"

"No." The teen replied honestly, putting the folder in her bag. " turning back now, right?" She hesitated, her thoughts on the friend sheíd been speaking to. About everything she owed him and everything he deserved. He hadnít told her but, she was a part of it, she was responsible for much of the interest Lionel had in him. "This is the right choice, Sam." Squaring her shoulders, she started out the door. "Letís go."

There was admiration in her gaze as Sam fell into step behind her cousin. "Okay...if youíre sure..."

"Iím sure." She answered without turning. "Believe me, Sam...Iím sure."

Sometime later, lying on the crystal slab, looking into the eyes of the dying woman before her, Chloe softly murmured the fateful words again, "Iím sure..."

And her choice was made.


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