Anyway You Slice It by Maveness
'Chloe knows, but half the fun is in the telling.' (pg-13)

Someone to Watch Over Me by SullivanLane
'Clark would always remember her that way, despite all that they had gone through.'  (pg)

Witness by Amy
'Before she could formulate any words, her
best friend was gone in a blur of light.' (pg)

A Faustian Bargain by Medie
'Chloe Sullivan puts it together...and finds herself with a choice to make.'  (g, stargate crossover)

A Definition of Power by Hope
'Since Chloe was being irrational anyway, why not go for the Unreasonable Hall of Fame?' (pg-13, s3 spoilers)

Americana Tails by Regina
'Chloe. Seriously. Youve known about me for almost a year now, and Ive spent the majority of that year doing your bidding.' (pg)

Fixate by JollyCynic
'When Chloe finds out, it's not Clark who makes her blood boil.' (pg-13, s3 spoilers)

Moment by Huffy the Campfire Slayer
'Chloe and Clark exchange their secrets and Clark ponders how the two of them can be walking such parallel paths, yet be on such different journeys.' (nc-17)

Windfall by Wiccid Sister
'An encounter in Burnham Woods leads to a discovery.'  (nc-17)

Countdown to the Inevitable by Tara O'Shea
'She'd known for seven years, four months, seventeen days, five hours, and twelve minutes by the time he finally figured out that she knew.'  (pg)

Twist by Chiriru
'Her own curiosity had made her hang on to the ring; it was her fault that he had it. She had to stop Clark before he hurt himself because of it.' (pg-13)

My Immortal by Paperbkryter
'She was tired of watching him bleed to death.' (nc-17)



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"Chloe, wake up."

"Hmph," she mumbled against his chest.

"Chloe?" He gave her a gentle shake and she groaned again.

"Leave me alone, Clark. Im trying to sleep."

"I know, thats the problem. Im bored."

"Count stars. Or blades of grass, or something. Appreciate nature. Whatever."

She buried her face deeper against his shoulder, and he tightened his grip on her waist.

"Youre falling asleep again."

"Well, Im trying."

"Youre going to miss the fireworks."

"I dont care," Chloe mumbled sleepily as she buried her face against his chest. "Ib hab ary usy ay."


With a sigh, she lifted her head and said slowly, "Ive had a very busy day."

"You have not," Clark said with a grin as he picked a piece of grass out of her hair. "All you did was eat fair food and mock the girls who were screaming on the rides. I was the one who spent forever trying to win you a stupid stuffed bear."

"It is not stupid, its cute. Besides, its small town fair tradition; you eat way too much food and force your boyfriend into proving his worth and winning you grossly overpriced wares. Its not like you had to spend so long anyway, you were just paranoid that you were going to throw too hard and knock the whole tent down instead of just the bottles."

"Right. Tradition. Youve been very big on tradition today," he said, regarding her sundress with a smirk.

"I thought it would look nice!"

"It does," he reassured her, pulling her back down to him.

"Besides, this is our last fair here, you know. Well be at college next year and lord knows Im not going to choose then to embrace my small town roots."

"Why Chloe Sullivan, are you getting sentimental on me?"

"Not a chance, Kent. I was just pointing out that this our last chance to do all the hokey small town stuff I usually hate. Besides, you shouldnt whine about winning me prizes. Like I said, its what you do at these things."

"You got the bear, didnt you?"

"Yes, I did," she said, rising up to brush her lips against his cheek. "Thank you. I love him."

"Its a him?"

"Yes. His name is Wellington."

"Well, Im glad you like him. I just didnt want to take any chances, knocking over the tent is a very real possibility, you know. You just enjoy the perks of this whole thing, you never have to worry about the details."

"What perks! When have I ever asked you to use your powers for my personal gain?"

"Chloe. Seriously. Youve known about me for almost a year now, and Ive spent the majority of that year doing your bidding."

"Oh you have not! Name one time!"

"Well, there was the time you made me super speed to your house at lunch because you forgot your history homework. Then there was the time you made me use my hearing to spy on Jake Silverman when you thought he was the one sending you anonymous hate mail. I distinctly remember pushing your car home when you broke down last month, and I cant count how many times youve asked me to X-Ray the hallway, to make sure no ones coming before you shove me into the print closet.

"I said one, Clark. Besides, its not like youre exactly complaining about that last one."

"Im just saying, there are a lot of things I have to think about on a day to day basis when it comes to my powers."

"I think about your powers on a day-to-day basis too, you know. I live in constant fear that youre going to crack another one of my ribs." 

"That was one time, Chloe, and Ive been apologizing since it happened."

"Exactly," she said with a smirk, "that means youre almost half done with the apology period."

"I think I liked you better when you were half asleep. You were much more quiet."

"Gee Kent, youre such a sweet talker," she said teasingly, propping herself up on an elbow. "You always just seem to know what a lady wants to hear."

"Oh come on Chloe, youre no lady."

"God, I wish it had some sort of impact when I punched you. See? Another reality of your whole super boy shtick I have to deal with."

"Yes, your lack of ability to do me physical harm must just be horrible for you."

"Well, its not fun," she said with a pout. 

He lifted his hand to her head and started absentmindedly playing with her hair. "Im sorry, Chloe. I guess all of this does have some effect on you. Things cant ever be totally normal and --"

"Clark?" She interrupted, "shut up. Youre ruining a perfectly good and totally normal moment right now. Not to mention my witty banter."

"Were having a normal moment?"

"Were lying in the grass after spending all day at the town fair, where you won me a stuffed animal and I ate entirely too much cotton candy. Were waiting for the fireworks to go off, and avoiding going home at any cost. This is Americana at its finest, Clark. I mean, granted, this grass could be meteor infected and tomorrow Ill wake up with a tail or something, but thats just life in Smallville for you."

Clark grinned and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "You make a good point, even if you did miss one little detail."

"What did I miss?"

"Well, for this to be a totally normal two kids in love moment, wed have to be making out."

"Yep," she said with a smirk, "typical teenage boy, superpowers or not."

He gave her a slow grin, and pulled her back to his side, her hands tangling in his hair as he brought his mouth to hers. 

"Hey, Clark?" She asked a moment later, pulling away. 


"Would you still like me if I had a tail?"

"Sure I would. I mean, I may not make out with you anymore, but Id still like you."



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